Pon Anura

Dylan Wallace | Marketing Manager | Wollongong Diagnostics


Pon is a medical graduate from Sri Lanka and obtained a post-graduate diploma qualification in Public Health at Sydney University and an MBA at Macquarie University. Founding Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Alfred Health Solutions between 2007-2018. Conceptualised and established Macquarie Medical Imaging at Macquarie University Hospital as a joint venture with Macquarie University. Pon’s greatest achievement was adopting new and emerging technologies and processes, developing a model of care based on these new technological advances and processes, and educating specialists and General Practitioners as part of the implementation of these business development strategies. He has the experience in opinion generating, educating, marketing and selling these new models of care, processes and techniques with more than 3,000 specialists and General Practitioners.

  • Pon has worked as an Executive Officer for the NSW Government to review and develop strategies to enhance medical imaging services in NSW as part of the Greater Metropolitan Task Force.
  • Pon worked as the NSW Head of Marketing for I-MED, the largest medical imaging service provider in the world, developing and implementing various business strategies, marketing campaigns and sales strategies.
  • Pon worked as a Principle Management and Planning Consultant for 5 years.