Medical Imaging Services

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Digital X-ray

An X-ray produces 2-dimensional images of your bones and body


MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, which is

CT Scan

CT, or Computed Tomography, uses X-rays to produce detailed

Dual Energy CT

Dual Energy CT is a revolutionary technology that we now


Ultrasound, also known as sonography, is a non-invasive

Cone Beam CT and OPG

The latest dental imaging technology is now available

Spine Injections

Spinal injections are used to deliver a combination of local anaesthetic

Joint & Bursa Injections

We inject a small amount of cortisone steroid and anaesthetic

Biopsies And Fine Needle Aspiration

Biopsy is when a sample of tissue is taken from the body and sent to pathology for testing.

3D Mammography

Latest and most advanced technology used in diagnosing breast cancer today.

ABI And PRP Injections

Autologous blood injections (ABI) harness the healing properties of blood


DEXA (DXA) is the most accurate commercial body composition

Cardiac CT

Cardiac CT is a heart-imaging test that uses CT technology with or without intravenous

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